How Spectrum provides best rate deposit to Liquid Pylon Vault

When deposit, app shows how much to swap at Terraswap and how much to deposit via Pylon Gateway
  1. We will find maximum UST amount (Optimal amount) to swap at Terraswap to get bPsiDP-24m with the rate less than $1 first.
  2. Then the remaining amount will deposit directly via Pylon gateway, which rate is fixed at $1.
Calculate swap and direct deposit amounts to ensure best rate deposit (Illustration)
  1. From UST to Psi
  2. Then Psi to bPsiDP-24m

For Psi-UST pool: finding UST for a Psi amount

Terraswap swap rate is using this formula

For bPsiDP-Psi pool: finding bPsiDP for a Psi amount

This step is easy, from (1), we can get to this formula

Mix 2 pools together

Given that UST amount equal to bPsiDP amount, from (4) and (6), we can come to this formula


With best rate deposit to Liquid Pylon Vault, you can simply deposit UST to the vault and we will make sure that you will get the best rate without a hassle of going too many different apps or comparing different exchange rates.



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