Liquid Pylon Vault — when lossless investment meets auto-compound

Introducing Liquid Pylon Vault — the first single staking product from Spectrum

Users can deposit $bDP tokens to Spectrum, and every hour Spectrum will collect rewards to buy more $bDP tokens for compounding. Other than maximizing your earning, this will also have following benefits:

  • Since Spectrum keeps buying $bDP tokens from the pool, this will make $bDP token price come closer to principal ($1). Providing the opportunity for investors to exit more easily with lower premium.
  • As there is less friction to investment, or there is even the chance for arbitragers to deposit to Pylon and exit via Terraswap. This will make Liquid Pylon pools more attractive and result in more investment to the pool and eventually more funding to the protocol.

Liquid Pylon Vault for Nexus Protocol

The first Liquid Pylon Vault on Spectrum Protocol will be for Nexus Protocol. Users can deposit $bPsiDP-24m tokens obtained from Pylon Gateway or UST directly into the vault (Spectrum will automatically convert UST to $bPsiDP-24m tokens for you).

Vault user interface, and a sneak peek of new webapp UI


Now, stake your SPEC and vote at



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