Lock your ASTRO with Spectrum and earn higher yield in UST!

Staked Perpetual ASTRO (spASTRO) Value Chain

Spectrum already has a lot of TVL on Astroport pools. ASTRO lock can earn 85%-130% APR on Day One.

Unlike other protocols, where they need time to ramp up TVL on each pool in order to get boosted. Spectrum already has a lot of TVL from many pools on Astroport. Ramping up ASTRO locking is much easier.

APR paid in UST

Comparing ASTRO to dividend stocks, Astroport, one of the largest DEX in the world, is a very good platform to invest. If you stake ASTRO in Spectrum, the yield will be paid in UST, and it will automatically deposit to Anchor, so you will keep earning even if you have not claimed.


Incentivized spASTRO-aUST Pool

Unlike other protocols that pair an ASTRO token with another ASTRO derivative token, you need to pay more commission on exit, and LP providers also earn less trading fees (at 0.025%). Incentivized spASTRO-aUST pool has yield bearing tokens on both sides. Even if there is no trading, spASTRO prices will keep increasing (from both Astroport and Anchor yields). When there is trading, you earn more trading fees (at 0.200%). Moreover LP providers will also earn SPEC and ASTRO as rewards.

Auto vote and Auto bribe taking

Spectrum always provides vaults for the users to enjoy high yield with minimum effort. Spectrum will automatically vote with voting weights that will return the highest yield to both ASTO locked stakers and LP providers. When Astroport launches a bribe marketplace, Spectrum will also take it into consideration and vote for the highest return.

Dynamic Boost Rewards Distribution

LP boost rewards will benefit both ASTRO locked stakers and LP providers. However, when the number of staked ASTRO already reached a maximum boost of 2.5x, there will be no incentive to lock more ASTRO. Boost rewards distribution will be reallocated more to LP providers to attract more LP TVL and further increase more boost rewards. On the other hand, if the boost does not reach 2.5x, we need more ASTRO to lock in order to earn more, boost rewards will be allocated more to ASTRO locked stakers to attract more locked ASTRO.

Dynamic Boost Rewards Distribution optimize the best return for both ASTRO Stakers and LP Providers

Will current LP vaults get boosted when ASTRO Lock Vault launches?

Yes, you can just sit, relax, and farm as usual and you will get the extra boost.

I have ASTRO, should I put it into other protocols’ lockdrop or wait for Spectrum?

Other protocols’ lockdrop will open soon for you to lock your ASTRO forever and get new tokens in return. Spectrum ASTRO Lock Vault will open when Astroport launches LP boost, therefore it will take some time.



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