Spectrum Protocol — Innovative Terra Yield Optimizer

Spectrum Protocol
1 min readJun 29, 2021


We proudly present Spectrum Protocol, the first yield optimizer on Terra blockchain ecosystem!‌

Spectrum is more than just a regular yield optimizer:

  1. Spectrum doesn’t have only auto-compound your LP strategy, there is also auto-stake strategy that the earned rewards (MIR, ANC, etc.) will be automatically put into respective farm governance stake. Users can mix between auto-compound and auto-stake when providing LP, auto-compound and auto-stake ratio will be processed accordingly.
  2. Spectrum also provides reward (SPEC) to investors, and this reward is also automatically staked into Spectrum governance.
  3. Spectrum is fully DAO. There is no privileged access, all changes must be done through voting. People can track changes and aware of changes (voting period for 7 days and time lock for 1 day). Any SPEC holders can create proposals, and any SPEC stakers can participate in voting.

So what are you waiting for

Let’s play around the platform: https://spec.finance/

Or read documentation first at: https://docs.spec.finance