Spectrum Protocol on Aptos

Spectrum Protocol
2 min readApr 15, 2023


Spectrum Protocol is expanding to Aptos, a scalable layer-1 blockchain based on Move programming language.

At launch, Spectrum Protocol offers 4 auto-compound vaults on Pancake Swap. More vaults will also be added soon.

Spectrum Protocol Auto-Compound Vaults on Aptos

lzUSDC-lzUSDT LP: for you to earn high yield in stablecoin with LayerZero tokens.
ceUSDC-ceUSDT: LP for you to earn high yield in stablecoin with Celer Network tokens.
whUSDC-whBUSD LP: for you to earn high yield in stablecoin with Wormhole tokens.
Cake-APT LP: for you to collect Cake and APT tokens.

APT, the native token of Aptos, can be traded and transferred from many exchanges. Other tokens can also be bridged from various blockchains via Pancake Bridge, Aptos Bridge (lzToken), cBridge (ceToken), or Portal Bridge (whToken).

Spectrum Protocol supports all leading wallets on Aptos including Petra, Pontem, Martian, Rise, and Fewcha.

Supported Wallets on Spectrum Protocol

The auto-compound vault on Aptos has the same fee structure as in Terra 2.0, no deposit fee and 5% performance fee. APY shown in the web app already includes fees. The revenue from Aptos will also flow back to SPEC stakers once the token and governance staking are relaunched.

This is the first step of Spectrum’s expansion to multi-chain yield optimization. Please stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to get latest updates or explore Spectrum Protocol on Aptos at https://aptos.spec.finance and on Terra 2.0 at https://terra.spec.finance.