Spectrum Protocol on Terra 2.0

Spectrum Protocol
2 min readSep 17, 2022


In this DeFi winter, it might be better to keep your assets in the yield optimizer and keep accumulating tokens before the market is getting better again. Spectrum Protocol can help you to achieve this by automatically compounding the reward for you to get higher yield.

In Terra 2.0, Spectrum Protocol is launched with 5 auto-compound vaults.

ASTRO-USDC LP: for you to collect ASTRO. Astroport shows us high potential in leading Terra ecosystem with Astrowars. The bear market could be a good time for collecting ASTRO.
USDC-USDT: LP for you to earn high yield in stablecoin.
USDC-LUNA LP: for you to collect LUNA and earn high yield during this bear market.
LunaX-LUNA LP: for you to collect LUNA and avoid impermanent loss.
VKR-USDC LP: for you to collect VKR. Valkyrie is the first launchpad on Terra 2.0.

With this relaunch, we also removed deposit fee and reduced performance fee to 5% to maximize your earnings. APY shown in the web app already includes fees. With all 5 vaults, you will be able to earn compound interest without hassle. As the Terra 2.0 is growing, we will keep adding more vaults and strategies for people with different objectives.

SPEC Token

SPEC token is not yet launched. People who are eligible for SPEC can check the SPEC amount in Airdrop page, but it is not yet claimable. We need some time for the revenue engine to spin up and set a strong foundation for SPEC price.

Next step?

During this bear market, we will keep setting up our foundation such as SPEC token, incentivized SPEC-USDC LP pool, SPEC staking, governance, and more. We also have new products and smart contracts ready to be launched.

Please stay tuned and follow us on Twitter to get latest updates or explore Spectrum Protocol on Terra 2.0 at https://terra.spec.finance